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Aliexpress Shopping Experience Review

At the beginning of this review I can tell you, this is my most favourite eShop. Why? I am getting products directly from China with free delivery. And if I don’t want to wait 2-3 weeks with standard free delivery, I will choose DHL.

Almost everything is made in China

Yes. Made in China is iPhone, Mac, Blackberry, computers and screens, mp3 players, tools, cameras… and even if something is eg “Made in where ever”, such products have Chinese parts inside.

Who is Aliexpress?

The brand was founded in 2009. It is a marketplace offering products at amazing factory prices directly from China. Orders can be as small as a single item, and even if some items cost 1 USD, delivery is for free. also has useful filters like price range, seller rating, only Free shipping and so on. It is simple to find products for the lowest price. Very useful are product ratings and feedback written by real users.

Payment is always safe

Any payment goes to Aliexpress. When you receive a product you click ‘Confirm delivery’ then Aliexpress passes your money to the seller. If you don’t get the product, Aliexpress will make a refund. Transaction security is also supported by an option ‘Open dispute’.

Payments are safe even more! My appeal

The system also checks for credit card fraud. The system may ask you to submit ‘My Appeal’: and provide a scan of ID, driving licence or passport. Don’t worry – it is safe and you can cover sensitive details like I did: I took picture of my passport, but I covered the passport number with my finger. Also I provided a photo of my credit card to prove I am its holder. Again, I covered with my fingers the credit card number and kept visible only the first and last 4 numbers.

Yes, they are checking carefully, if everything is legal. Providing documents is a standard in serious business world and it is important to mention it in this review.

What I am buying?

All items which I am buying are electronic devices and parts: I have a smartphone, tablet, audio power amplifier, cooling pads, heatsinks, cables and tech accessories.

And I am incredibly impressed by the power amplifier! It has gold-plated PCB, original Japanese capacitors Nichicon, 2 x 10000uF capacitors by Nover, … it is a beautiful piece of equipment for 37 USD.

Friendly sellers

The listed sellers are polite. Of course, they want to sell and they are aware of negative feedback, so they do the best. I have to say, some of them have to work with their English language skills, lol.

Final words: Great experience!

I have been with for a few years now. Actually my buyer level is higher than 97% of other users. I just don’t want to pay more money than is necessary. I like to pay direct to the Chinese person behind the product, instead of paying a high margin to greedy distributors throughout the world.

Author: Milan Lipowski

Milan is a web designer & developer and stock photographer. He also has over 20 years experience with hardware and software computer servicing for individuals, and small & middle-size companies.