My YouTube video channel on the way

getting ready for video channel

For over 6 months I have been planning and preparing my own YouTube channel. Time is running fast and I am slowly getting ready to publish videos.

Studio with blue background

A good studio is the key. I created a place where I will feel comfortable and pleasant. Behind me will be blue background which is great space for showing footages, photographs or product placement.
The mic is (of course) RODE. All videos will be taken in 4K and downsized to Full HD for smooth streaming.

What is the subject?

My channel will be providing only useful information about interesting products you should really notice or products which I like, & true and honest reviews.

You will be able to see technologies and advice which are linked to life and online media.


1st March 2018! I don’t want my channel empty. I don’t want to start with one video, at all! I will publish more videos with cool stuff at once.

How often?

Quality before quantity. Videos will be added every 2-4 weeks. You should subscribe not to miss something interesting.

Author: Milan Lipowski

Milan is a web designer & developer and stock photographer. He also has over 20 years experience with hardware and software computer servicing for individuals, and small & middle-size companies.